NFTY's Anselm Rothschild Memorial Song Competition

The Anselm Rothschild Memorial Song Competition provides an opportunity for teen songwriters to share their original music with their peers across North America. The NFTY Convention 2019 theme addresses the importance of focusing, taking charge, and making change in the world; music is a meaningful way to do just that.

Many songs popular in NFTY, camp, and congregations have been Competition winners and finalists.  Examples include Mitzvah Goreret Mitzvah (Andy Vogel), Elohai N’shama (Casey Prusher), and Shema/You Shall Love (Sam and Zach Powers & Meryl Rudy).

Three finalists will be chosen and given the opportunity to work with a popular songwriter in our movement with whom they will receive mentoring, feedback, and support to enhance the song’s composition, lyrics, and performance or production values, ultimately finalizing a new song.

Important Dates

  • Competition Opens: October 23
  • First-Round Submissions Due: December 9
  • Top Three Finalists Announced: December 21
  • Second Round Submissions Due from Finalists: January 20
  • Winner Announced: January 31

Text and Resources

Candidates should work with a clergy person or educator in their community on text, phrasing, and study as they prepare their submission.

Candidates may consider but are not limited to texts such as Ani V’atah, Lo Alecha, concepts like “How wonderful it is that no one need wait a single moment before starting to change the world” by Anne Frank, and many more.

As part of your submission, we'll ask for some biographical information and that you submit a recorded mp3, as well-produced as possible, though you should not go into a professional studio to record or produce it.  We also ask candidates to include a chord/lyric/lead sheet or any translations or text support that would be helpful for the committee.


Download these graphics and share this opportunity with your community!