Start the conversation about how NFTY Convention can benefit you, your temple, youth group and community. Use the info on this page to help make NFTY Convention happen for you!

What happens when you’re pumped for NFTY Convention but need a little bit of help getting there? We know that NFTY Convention can be a big ask.  Here are a few highlights about NFTY Convention 2019 that you can share with your parents or congregational leaders to help guide your conversations:

  • NFTY Convention 2019 is the ultimate NFTY event. At NFTY Convention, teens will be a part of the largest gathering of Reform Jewish teens anywhere, joined by the leaders of the movement. They’ll build a network of peers that stretches across all of North America and beyond.
  • This NFTY Convention is all about customization. We are empowering every teen in attendance to build their own schedule to fit their interests: all of the programs, guest speakers, social justice opportunities, and performances will be curated and created by teens, for teens, and they can mix and match them however they like.
  • NFTY Convention offers participants the chance to connect not only with one another, but also the premier Reform Jewish leaders of today. Adult and teen leaders alike will be in attendance to lead sessions, present at plenaries, and join in conversations. Teens will be able to share what matters to them as we set our sights on the future of Reform Judaism together.
  • We are at a moment in history where teens are leading the charge on the issues that impact their lives. At NFTY Convention, we will celebrate the incredible work that teen leaders have already done to change the world around them, take action in the local Dallas, TX community, and shape the future of the teen-led social justice movement.
  • Participants will experience the Reform Movement’s ground-breaking music and worship experiences. There will be song sessions and concerts with featured artists and teen songleaders alike. NFTY Convention begins with a Kabbalat Shabbat like no other, with more than 1,000 Reform Jews coming together. Teens will leave the weekend with a renewed energy and passion for Judaism to bring back to their home community.
  • It wouldn’t be a NFTY event without fun and adventure—and at NFTY Convention, we take that to the next level! Teens will get to choose an offsite activity that lets them experience Dallas up-close, while helping to make a difference in the community. And of course, there is a surprise “Big Fun” social event!
  • Teens will participate in NFTY plenary sessions, where they will influence the future of NFTY through its general business, including election of the 2019-20 NFTY North American Board.
  • As with any NFTY event, the safety and security of our participants is the top priority. Professional staff and resident advisors supervise the event around the clock to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.
  • For more information about what is covered in the cost of NFTY Convention, visit our FAQ page.

Because NFTY Convention is the biggest NFTY event, the price tag is a little bigger too. In order to make your dream of attending NFTY Convention a reality, we suggest exploring all of the following options for financial assistance:

  • Start by speaking to your NFTY Region’s staff. There may be a regional scholarship available for you.
  • Meet with the leaders of your congregation to see if there is funding available for Jewish teen experiences. You can use the points above to help Make the Case!
    • Tip: When you ask for support, offer to do something in return. If you like to write, you could write a piece for the temple bulletin or newsletter about your experience. You could also volunteer to give a speech or a D’Var Torah about your time at NFTY Convention and what it meant to you. If you’re musically talented, offer to help lead services or teach a new song you learned at NFTY Convention to religious school. The possibilities are endless!
  • If there is a Jewish Community Federation or other community Jewish agencies in your city, check to see if there are youth leadership development funds available for NFTY Convention. You can use the points above to help Make the Case!
  • Host a fundraiser with your Temple Youth Group to help raise funds. Check our NFTY’s official Youth Group Fundraising Guide for inspiration
  • Suggest to friends and family that they contribute to the cost of Convention in lieu of a Hanukkah or birthday gift
    • Tip: family or friends may also be able to donate airline miles to cover the cost of transportation
  • In order to ensure that no participant is penalized because of high air travel expenses from their hometown, NFTY will cover airline expenses in excess of $500 for participants. This amount only applies to the cost of the base ticket and does not include any additional fees which you may incur (including baggage). The deadline to apply for Travel Equalization is January 8, 2019. Apply now