Health, Safety & Security

For decades, the Union for Reform Judaism and NFTY have been sponsoring teen weekend retreats, summer camps, and trips to Israel, Europe, and around the world. NFTY has earned a well-deserved reputation for providing the highest standard of health, safety and security in all its youth programs. The well-being of our participants, staff, and adults is our first and foremost priority.

NFTY participants and parents must sign the NFTY Brit Kehillah (Code of Conduct), signifying their willingness to abide by all rules, regulations, and safety guidelines throughout the program. NFTY staff members and participants receive a thorough orientation regarding expectations for appropriate behavior, as well as security procedures and protocols.

We have staff in residence at NFTY Convention of approximately 100 trained adults. This includes URJ senior staff, NFTY Regional Directors, URJ Camp Directors and Assistant Directors, and a team of dedicated college students. All youth participants will be carefully supervised. Hotel security, in partnership with an outside security firm, will have officers on duty throughout our time at the hotel. Staff will be on duty in hotel hallways late at night, working according to protocols set in conjunction with hotel security. All participants, staff and guests will be required to wear credentials at all times.

Our staff team always has a direct line of communication with hotel security, and will work together to make every effort to ensure a safe, secure, and meaningful Jewish experience for all involved.

Yes! With appropriate cautious and conservative safety protocols in place, NFTY provides comprehensive programs focused on self-discovery in a safe and healthy environment. Parents can reach the NFTY senior supervisors on-site 24-hours a day for the duration of the program. Phone numbers and contact details will be shared in the lead-up to the event.

We will have medical staff in-residence at the hotel during the entirety of our program. Teens will have access to these staff members as needed. Teens will be responsible for holding and dispensing their own medication. Over the counter medication will be available with our medical staff.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact