Shabbat Morning Worship

In addition to the Shabbat morning traditions you love, you’ll have a chance to choose new ways to experience Shabbat with your friends.

Shabbat Hike/Walk

Let’s go outside and stretch our legs. We’ll take a walk/hike around the property, and focus on our breath, our body, and our movement to wake ourselves up and bring in Shabbat morning together, in nature.

Cartoons and Cereal

What is Saturday morning without some cartoons and cereal? Join us to watch some “Jewish” cartoons and talk about Judaism in mainstream media, along with some crunchy treats!


Based in ancient Eastern traditions and philosophy, Yoga is a great way to connect your body and mind through a spiritual practice. Many Jews engage in Yoga as a way to connect to themselves more deeply. Come join us for a relaxing session of Yoga and meditation, to set our intention for the day ahead.

Art Infusion

Come join us to make some art and reflect on Shabbat in a more creative, and hands-on approach. No experience in art required, only a desire to use a new medium to uncover your spiritual self.

Torah Study

Join us for a more traditional reading and look at the Parshat HaShavua-Tetzaveh, as we uncover the deeper meaning behind the text and the applicability of it to our modern, everyday lives.