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Job Description

NFTY Convention 2019 is the ultimate event for Jewish teens – which means we need awesome, passionate, talented Resident Advisors (RAs) to bring it to life and help it run smoothly. As an RA, you will be responsible for ensuring  the health and safety of all participants, and of course, making sure they’re having fun! You will also have a chance to contribute to planning and running other aspects of the event – making use of the many skills, talents, and passions you have. Being an RA at NFTY Convention is an unforgettable opportunity, so read on to see if you’re a good fit.

Note: All RAs must be college-aged, at least one year out of high school, and able to work the entire event from Thursday, February 14th at 2 PM until Monday, February 18th at 12 PM.

This role may be for you if:

  • You love the Jewish community. You care about strengthening NFTY and the URJ. You’re passionate about helping Jewish teens grow as leaders in their communities.
  • You have experience with or are interested in URJ Youth programs. You have experience working with high school teens. You are friendly, cheerful, and positive.
  • You think and act quickly. You don’t mind having challenges thrown your way and figuring out how to solve them. You’re driven and motivated.
  • You’re willing to lend a helping hand. You communicate well with others. You’re ready to put the team before yourself.
  • You appreciate contributing to the Jewish community. You want to gain mentorship from older leaders in the URJ community. You want to learn new skills.

As an RA, a typical day at NFTY Convention 2019 may include the following:

  • Helping participants solve any issues or challenges that come up
  • Checking-in with participants at night to ensure everyone is in their hotel room (be prepared for late nights!)
  • Making sure all participants get to programs on time in the morning
  • Supporting logistics to create an epic Shabbat dinner experience
  • Running registration and getting participants their name tags & event info when they arrive
  • Assisting 1,000+ people in getting to the right program room
  • Lots of smiling and high-fiving
  • Depending on your staff team, you may...
    • Run the plenary stage
    • Organize materials for programs
    • Support hotel operations
    • Coordinate social media posts
    • Support participants with a variety of challenges and needs

RAs at NFTY Convention will have the following opportunities:

  • An unforgettable weekend experience supporting the current generation of NFTYites
  • Professional development sessions to grow your networking, customer service, event planning, and Jewish education skills
  • The opportunity to be paired with a URJ staff member who can mentor and guide you during Convention and your future professional journey
  • Plus, flights, trains, buses, hotel rooms, and meals for the entire weekend are covered

Important dates to know as an applicant:

  • Applications are due Sunday, October 28th at 11:59 PM EST
  • 15-minute interviews will take place between Monday, October 22nd-Friday, November 2nd
  • References are due Friday, November 9th
  • The first round of acceptances will be sent out Monday, November 19th

What you’ll need for your application:

  • Your basic information (name, email, phone, address, etc.)
  • Your full resume
  • Answers to these short answer questions (Max: 100 words per question)
    • Describe your involvement in Jewish life or leadership experience in the Jewish community during high school and/or college.
    • Tell us about a time you received meaningful guidance from a mentor or role model, and how you would replicate that for the teens at Convention?
    • What would you say is your greatest strength? Greatest weakness? Explain.
    • Describe an event or realization that sparked a period of personal growth or new understanding of yourself or others.
  • Two references who can speak to your ability to succeed as an RA. The NFTY Convention Team will be reaching out to your references; you only need to provide their name and contact information. It is important that you reach out to your references beforehand and that they are aware we will be contacting them.
    • Reference #1 - This person should be able to speak to your character through a Jewish lens and experience contributing to the Jewish community, especially in URJ Youth programs. Examples may include NFTY directors, youth group advisors, URJ Camp directors, Hillel professionals, and synagogue clergy.
    • Reference #2 - This person should be able to speak to your professional skills and abilities to succeed in a work environment. Examples may include job or internship supervisors, direct camp supervisors, and campus organization advisor.

Please Note: The application must be completed at one time - you will NOT be able to save progress on the application. We recommend working on the components of the application below before beginning and completing the application.

Applications are due Sunday, October 28th at 11:59 PM EST