Be Featured at NFTY Convention: Tell Us How You're Making Change!

Hey NFTY – we want to hear from you about the change you make in the world.  Change can be made on so many levels – it can be as big as encouraging hundreds of people to do something great, or  as small as helping one person do something positive. Record a 10 second video sharing your story so the rest of the world can see the positive impact you are making and others can make.


  1. Start with the phrase "I make change by..."
  2. Please shoot with your smartphone oriented HORIZONTALLY (not vertically)
  3. Make sure you’re filming the video in a space with good lighting (i.e. don’t shoot the video in front of a window)
  4. Please be sure you are in a quiet space (no talking behind you, or planes flying overhead)
  5. Clean your camera before taking a video, and make sure it’s steady during filming so that it’s not blurry or shaky
  6. It is best if someone else shoots the video, rather than doing a selfie video. The back camera on your phone takes higher quality videos!
  7. Please keep the video to 20 seconds at most in length
  8. Please submit videos by Sunday, December 9

Submit Your Video:

Fill out my online form.