The Overview:

Engaging Jewish teens in the 21st century offers a unique set of opportunities and struggles. As professionals and lay leaders, we grapple with how to best engage today’s teens – also known as change makers, activists, inspired leaders, and most importantly, a variety of unique souls trying to find their way and make a difference. Using the framework of enduring dilemmas, we will delve into a world of learning, questioning, growth, networking, and reflection. We will learn about and struggle with big ideas, such as innovation and tradition, structure and agency, individual and community, and engagement and education, and use these concepts to consider how to best connect to and engage with today’s Jewish teens in the lifelong journey of Jewish practice and community.

This is the only conference for Reform Youth Professionals and Lay Leaders, by Reform Youth Professionals. We understand the unique opportunities and challenges you’re facing and are excited to spend time learning and growing with you.

Plus, as a Youth Summit participant, you’ll be able to enjoy all the big moments of NFTY Convention, like Shabbat, plenaries, and more.

Schedule At a Glance


Customize your schedule with a variety of workshops, each built around one of four categories:

Why should I go to the Youth Summit at NFTY Convention?

NFTY Convention is the ultimate gathering of teens, alumni, youth professionals, and supporters. You’ll have a chance to attend programs with teens, participate in workshops with professionals, hear from keynote speakers, and more. This year, the Youth Summit is all about customization – each attendee can craft their own experience that’s perfect for them.

Youth Summit participants will walk away from NFTY Convention inspired and equipped with new resources, fresh ideas, and a broader, stronger network of like-minded professionals. The investment in NFTY Convention will help youth professionals excel, and in turn, strengthen youth engagement and the congregation for years to come.

Here are 9 reasons you won't want to miss the Youth Summit

Registration closes on January 8. Don’t miss out – it’s your last chance to guarantee a spot at this year’s ultimate NFTY event.

This year, the Youth Summit is in Dallas, TX.

Most programming (with the exception of some offsite activities) will be taking place at the hotel. We have a block of rooms reserved for those who want to stay at the hotel (rates below).

If you live locally or have nearby friends or family you want to stay with, you have the option to register as a commuter. Commuters will be responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from the hotel.

If you register with either the single or double occupancy hotel room options, you’re all set – we’ll take care of booking the reservation for you!

If you choose to commute, you’ll be responsible for your own accommodations.

Please note that anyone staying at the convention hotel must register using our Full Registration package – you cannot book your own room at the convention hotel.

It depends on when you register, and what you register for! Registration fees cover all meals during the event, cool swag, exclusive performances, and your hotel stay (if you’re staying at the hotel, of course). Here’s a quick breakdown:
Adult Full Registration (including hotel), Single Room, Early Bird $1,360
Adult Full Registration (including hotel), Single Room, Regular $1,425
Adult Full Registration (including hotel), Shared Room, Early Bird $1,060
Adult Full Registration (including hotel), Shared Room, Regular $1,125
Adult Registration (commuter), Early Bird $760
Adult Registration (commuter), Regular $825
Adult Day Pass $250

We know – it’s a lot of money! We do everything we can to keep the cost as low as possible. We’re all about transparency, so here’s a quick breakdown of where your money is going:

Hotel – You probably know this, but hotels are expensive! We need a lot of space for the “ultimate NFTY event,” and want to give you access to a great space for programs, plus amenities (Pool? Check. Fitness Center? Check. Riverwalk, Oil Rig, Alamo structure? Check, check, check.)

Food – We’ve got all of your meals from Shabbat dinner on Friday night through breakfast on Monday morning.

Programming – Guest speakers, exclusive performances, offsites, and Big Fun. Plus materials like pens, paper, AV equipment, name tags, and more.

Buses – We’re taking lots of people lots of places! Between offsite programming and airport runs (more on that below), we need to make sure we have plenty of buses to get everyone where they need to go.

We are committed to working with our congregations and community partners to make NFTY Convention a reality for as many teens as possible.

NFTY will be offering a limited number of need-based scholarships Please be in touch with your local NFTY regional staff member for a link to the scholarship application that you can share with teens.

Additionally, many congregations, as well as local and national organizations also offer scholarships for teens (and adults too!)

By Plane: Fly into Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) or Dallas Love Field (DAL). You should arrive on Friday, February 15 between 11 am and 3 pm, and depart on Monday, February 18 between 8 am and 11 am.

*Please note: Adult attendees are welcome to plan their own transportation to and from the airport. There will be space available on teen buses; however, given our responsibility for supervision of a large number of teens at one time, you may be asked to take a bus separate from teens you have traveled with once teens are in the care of NFTY Convention staff.

By Car: Arrive at the hotel on Friday, February 15 between 12 pm and 4 pm, and depart the hotel no later than 9 am on Monday, February 18.

Commuters: We’ll share details about when to arrive each day as NFTY Convention gets closer!

Our meals will be kosher style. If meat is being served, there will be a vegetarian option which includes protein. We will also have options for those with a gluten-free diet, lactose intolerant diet and other food allergies.  Please be certain that you indicate any special dietary needs when you complete your registration.

Meals while traveling – We’ll provide all meals from dinner on Friday through breakfast on Monday, but attendees will be responsible for getting their own meals while at the airport, in the car, etc.

Shuk – NFTY Convention’s “market” where attendees can buy swag from different NFTY regions

Snacks & Drinks – The hotel has great options for everything from your mid-day coffee break to your late-night snack craving. Plus, there are hotel bars, and the Glass Cactus nightclub for adult attendees.

We’ll miss you, but understand that sometimes things come up. Cancellations are processed as follows:

Through November 19, 2018 – Full refund minus $50 processing fee

Through January 8, 2019 – Full refund minus $100 fee

Through January 22, 2019 – Refund of all but a $500.00 cancellation fee (this fee is required to cover our contractual obligations with the hotel)

After January 22, 2019 – We will not be able to issue refunds for cancellations after January 22, 2019. If you have a documented medical emergency and must cancel after January 22, you will be refunded all but the $500 cancellation fee

Email us any time at – we’re happy to help and will get back to you in one business day.